Duck Spray

This is kind of a cross-post, but what the heck:

Jet toilet spray just a desperate duck
From correspondents in Wellington
October 22, 2003

A VERY relieved female duck is being blamed for an intriguing mystery in which a New Zealand house was splattered with a foul smelling substance.

A house under the main flight path into the capital city Wellington was splattered with the material two months ago, prompting the owners to complain to the Civil Aviation Authority, claiming an aircraft toilet load had been dumped on them.

But after a month of investigation, Department of Conservation water foul biologist Murray Williams said the material came from a single female duck.

"She's been incubating on a nest. She will not have relieved herself for several hours, anything up to 12 hours," he told Radio New Zealand.

"The first thing she wants to do when she flies off is void all that material, and she will do it at some distance away as she flies away from the nest."

He said the material was very liquid and delivered by a high flying duck on a windy day, would spread very widely.

"If it hits the side of a house, each little portion is just going to smear itself wafer thin and it will look like a huge amount of material."

About half a cup of "very runny, incredibly smelly, evil stuff" would have been involved "and a little bit, as they say, goes a very long way".

Original article here courtesy of It's the line about "very runny, incredibly smelly, evil stuff" that made me laugh. I think I have some in the fridge... Anyone else notice the typo? "water foul biologist" Har har har!