Welcome to MT 2.64!

I have upgraded to version 2.64 of Moveable Type. I haven't seen any difference, but the upgrade went well and as far as I can tell, nothing has been lost. The CVS tree shows mostly bugfixes and the like in this version, so perhaps authoring will be even more stable.

From the weather desk...
It's been colder in Little Rock lately which is fine by me-- no need for the A/C! The sky was quite beautiful driving into work this morning with my venti iced latte. Although "red in the morning, sailors take warning", so we might get rain today.

In other news...
Bayly, Emily and I helped tap the first firkin of cask conditioned Octoberfest ale at Boscos last night. Good stuff! The porter was also quite tasty. Now we just need to set up a Humane Beer Recycling program with John Templet (the Masta Brewa) to relieve him of any leftover cask-conditioned beer :-)

From the commerce pages...
I've heard through my nefarious and wide-spread underground contacts that Krispy Kreme doughnuts will be opening a store near my house. Starbucks and now KK? I may never leave the neghborhood again!

Krispy Kreme Comes to West Little Rock
Arkansasbusiness.com Daily Report - Today's Headlines-Front Page - Alicia Stogner - 9/15/03 4:51:51 PM
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc. purchases a store front property at 1315 Shackleford Road in west Little Rock as the company�s first entry into the market.