From My Aunt And Uncle

Well, Paul & Kristi have made it past the fires in SD. Here is an email we received:

We arrived safely in "Bahia de Tortuga" aka "Turtle Bay", on Wednesday at noon after 46 hours of motoring from San Diego in very glassy, calm seas. The San Diego fires were very very bad. Ash covered the boats and entire metro area for 200 sq. miles, I would guess. We hosed off the boat while in S.Diego a few times, but still have ash around. It affected our breathing and scratchy eyes. The sky was very dark all day long, and the sun was an eerie red dot in the sky. S. D. hadn�t had rain for 177 days. We were glad to get out of San Diego.

This village of Turtle Bay, Baja California, Norte, is very neat, with sweet sweet people. The weather is not too hot yet, just comfortable. Shorts, t'shirts and bare feet on board, though, day and night! The surrounding mtns are beautiful,! especially in early am and early pm. The sun went down at 4:45 yesterday afternoon. The pelicans are amazing and fun to watch. The water is only 72 degrees F, but will warm up considerably as we head south, tomorrow am at 5 am, to Bahia Santa Maria, on the outside of Magdelena Bay. The Baja HaHa Rally has about 140 boats, very big. Lots of California boats. We were in the "No Comprende" division, but now got moved to the "Kilo" division. We finished on the top ten for Leg One. Boats range from 29 feet to 65 feet luxury boats worth millions. Mexico is fantastic!. We love it here!

Adios, Pablo y Kristi on board "Forever and Ever", a Kristen 52 foot steel sloop, from Victoria.