Die Spammers

I've recently been getting a bit of spam on my home email account, and I think it has been from having a link to an email up on this site. I've looked at the spider traffic and none ever seems to get past the front page, and that's probably because everything else is dynamically created.

Well, I had an insight into how to fix the spammers' wagon this morning. Instead of using some bogus email address or not having a link to email me at all, I thought a picture of the email address would work. You'll notice in the boilerplate of my page, my email address is right next to the title. However, if you try to select it as text for copying, you can't. That's because it's a jpeg image of text.

I figure no spammer has a spider that's advanced enough to process images. And if they do, I'll change it to some wacky font only a human could understand. Ha! Who's laughing now, you miserable waster of the world's bandwidth? I blow my nose at you!