Utter Failure

So tonight I tried to make the Atkins Crab Cakes. No lump crab meat to be found, so I thought I'd use crawfish tails instead. Bad idea. After dirtying almost every pan in the house and having to clean the floor twice and change shirts once, I have a collection of what could only be called Crawfish Gravel. No amount of Keto Crumbs made them hold together, nor a surgeon-like gentleness, or much threatening with spatulae. Argh! Oh well, I guess failure is the mother of invention. Tomorrow night I'll try the feta burgers my friend Emily (Bayly's wife) recommended.

In other news, my sister has moved to Spokane, so if you are close, stop off and see her cats: Jasper and Onyx. Also give her a job. Preferrably one that pays very well-- she deserves it.

Also-- I've been discovered by another Kelly Adams! Read the comments on this post here (opens in a new window) from a few weeks ago. I think we should form a credit union or something. Or maybe a secret society a la H.P. Lovecraft.