New video card

After much rolling back of drivers, fiddling with BIOS settings and liberal cursing, I finally decided my video card is to blame for the intermittent lock-ups I've been seeing on my home computer. It is only really fatal in OpenGL or DirectX modes, but it does have the annoying habit of resetting the video mode at the windows desktop and sometimes leaving weird artifacts on the screen. So enough is enough and I bought a new video card. After reading some reviews on Tom's, I decided to go with Chaintech's version of the nVidia Geforce4 TI4600. I would have like to have gone up to 8x AGP, but that would mean a new motherboard and stuff. Still, this is a smoking-fast card and should do well with Everquest and Counter-Strike, which I tend to play the most regularly. After a brief call from the folks at FTI Computer to confirm my shipping address yesterday, I expect my new card to be racing towards me via UPS at this moment. Hopefully I'll get it and install it before the move so it's one less thing I have to do in the new house.