Beer Update

Well, I just got done kegging up the beer. The search is still on for a suitably cheap refrigerator to store it in. My final specific gravity (corrected for temperature) is: 1.01158. So with an original gravity of 1.052 this means that the yeast made enough alcohol to make it 5.294% by volume. Right where I wanted it to be! I had a few sips of it, chilled but uncarbonated. It's pretty good-- not much hop character, but a rich maltiness punctuated with some dryness from the adjunct grains I used. The mouthfeel is pretty crisp, but a little chewy (probably because it's unfiltered). When the roommate wakes up, I'll have to get his take on it. Besides, carbonation will add a little bit of a bite. Much thanks to Lee's Brewery and their beer math calculator.