Binzer Wirtz 1985-2003

I just found out today that my aunt and uncle's cat Binzer passed on. She has been with us for 18 years-- more than my adult life. It's amazing how we humans can love another species so fully, and deeply feel that love is returned.

An Ode To Binzer

Kitty smiles, when your ears are skritched.

Kitty purrs, when your back is scratched.

Kitty poise, the best in show.

Kitty yawn, it's time to nap.


Kitty pounce, on strings and bugs.

Kitty chitter, go get those birds!

Kitty stretch, leaves warm laps.

Kitty loves, and is loved back.


Farewell Binzer, may you always be with us, betwixt our legs.

-Kelly Adams