Greetings From Idaho

Is it ever hot! 106 today, but at least it's a dry heat. Getting here took some work though. All in all, I got bounced off of 7 flights and had to shell out for a ticket on Southwest. Greyhound of the skies. At least it was cheap for same-day pricing. Wednesday, I got bumped off the last flight out of Salt Lake City and had to spend the night at Motel 6. Wake up call from Tom Bodett, and I was back to waiting at the airport. Got bumped twice more, and then surrendered to SW airlines. It kinda messed with my family's vacation-- we were all too worn out to drive the 8 hours to Mt. Rainier. So we went up to Laird Park just an hour northeast of my parents house. It was very nice with the exception of the over-eager boy scouts in-training chopping wood at 5am. Still, it was nice to spend three days among the trees and Nature. That's my new excuse for everything. Bug in your beer? Don't worry, it's just Nature. Anyway, the flights home look a little more accessible than the trip up here, so wish me luck. That's all from the Palouse.