Poor Alice

After spending $200 at the vet yesterday, I found out my cat Alice has a bunch of stones in her bladder. She needs them removed surgically, and the vet quoted me $800 to do it. Like I have that kind of money lying around. Hell, the $200 vet visit has almost bankrupted me until I get paid again. Since I'm losing my job anyway, I called my 401K people (Putnam) to see if I could get my money out. Turns out they won't give it to me until Textron has notified them of my termination. Great... It's also reassuring since Putnam is getting investigated by the SEC and the state of Massachusetts. So it may end up I have to put Alice down. This would be a major bummer because she's not that old, and surgery would fix the problem, not just prolong the inevitable. As you can see, this year is off to a wonderfull start.

In other news, I quit smoking yesterday. I'm on the smallest patch and Zyban, and the cravings aren't too bad. So far, so good. Night time is rough, but as long as I stay busy, it's manageable. Hopefully I'll be tolerable to be around, for my roommate's sake.

In yet still other news, I kegged up the latest brew, a Cream Stout. It's carbonating as I write, so hopefully I can have a pint tonight. Of course, without a cig, it may not be the same. It's a wonderfully dark color, with a sweet aroma. More later on the taste once I have some.