After being hospitalized for acute pancreatitis on September 5th, I am finally home! It feels great to sleep in my own bed, pet my kitties and eat real home-cooked food. Here are a few pics of me in various states of healing:

Here I am in the coronary ICU with my Mom. This was probably the worst I was at, I had to be intubated, I was getting dialysis, and I was retaining a ton of fluid.

Same scenario, with my Dad:

Here I am learning to walk again. I went from 265 lbs. down to 176, a lot of that was muscle mass:

Here we are celebrating my Dad's birthday. You can see the wounds left over from all the fluid drains I had and the scar from having most of my pancreas and gall bladder removed:

And finally, here I am coming home on the 23rd of December, 2004: