Do You Own An ICBM?

If anyone has a spare ICBM, please put me out of my misery by launching it at: 34� 44' 45" , -92� 16' 14" or 34.7461 , -92.2708. That's my present location in meat-space. And I'm bored-- so very bored. Just about everything I'm responsible for at work has been shut down, or I've had to cripple in some way. Now I just sit around like the Maytag repairman waiting for something to break. Thanks to Maporama for providing the neato GPS coordinate info. *sigh* I've even run out of cool stuff to post to my blog.

While you are awake, check out some of the artwork by my co-worker Phil's friend Stephen. He and Phil did a 3-D comic strip called Mr. Bun and he has recently put the site back up with some other 2-D artwork. It's here.