Upgrades And Stuff

Well, long time no post for me. Things have been busy. Last week I went to Delaware to visit MBNA about their buyout of our portfolio. It was a bit of a white-knuckler getting from BWI to Newark due to nasty weather, but our driver perservered and we arrived in one piece. Finally, it was a very informative trip.

As karma would have it, the Check Engine light came on in my car the day before I left for Delaware. Fortunately it was just a loose gas cap and low fuel pressure, and the light went out yesterday without a $100 trip to the dealer.

This weekend I finished my taxes, as my W2 came in from work. I think this is the earliest I have gotten them done in years-- hopefully I will get my refund soon. Alice is still doing well, but I want to get her in surgery as soon as I have the money.

Today I upgraded to Movable Type 2.661, which has additional safeguards that make it hard for spammers to leave spam comments on entries. You can only post comments from the same IP address once every 60 seconds.