Alice Is Back Home

Alice the kitty is back home after three days at the vet for her long-awaited bladder surgery. She's alert and seems to be passing fluids. They had to shave her forepaws for the catheters and she has a pretty big Frankenstein on her belly. Her face is a little goopy, but the vet put some medicine in her eyes to fix her chronic eye bogies.

The vet took a lot of stones out, and they have been sent to the lab to be analyzed. It turns out they are calcium oxylate stones (without a bacterial core, which means it's dietary, not an infection). So, special food for Alice from now on. Right now, she's eating 50/50 new food/old food because the vet was more concerned that she hasn't eaten in awhile than getting her switched over to the new food.

The other two cats have been pretty decent and have left Alice alone (although Afro makes noises, she doesn't actually do anything). Also, she gets antibiotic pills for 10 days then I take her back to have her sutures out. Either way, it's great to have her back home, and I hope she ultimately feels better and lives longer with the stones removed.

Also, I got some film back from my trips to Idaho and Maine, so hopefully I'll have all of those scanned in by this weekend.