A Singularly Different Day In NYC

Is astronomy geeky? Probably more so than astrology… That being said, today is one of 2 days all year that the sun will set directly in line with the grid that New York City is laid out on. In case it's cloudy, the other day is July 12th. See a few pics and a better explanation at http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap040528.html.

For me, today is a little different as well. This morning I was awakened by the plaintive screaming of my battery backup UPS because the power was off. After finding clothes by candle light, I came down here to the bakery (and thier wi-fi) to try to do some work. Of course all the source for the project I've been working on is on my server at home-- now turned off. So I guess I'll make the best of it by eating toasted everything bagels with cream cheese and a gigantic cup of java.