Van Smellsing

Last night, Clay, Bayly, Emily and I went to see Van Helsing starring Hugh Jackman. It stunk.Sure the creature effects were cool, and the sets were very gothic and believable, but what a rotter. The acting was waaaaay over the top, the story had more cheese than grandma's lasagne, and at points, the learned friar character was forced to read parts of the plot off of walls and paintings. When this ones comes out on DVD (which should be any day now), it would be good for use as a coaster, not much else. It seemed that they just wanted to do too much in one movie-- the whole vampires vs. werewolves vs. Mr. Hyde vs. Frankenstein's monster just spreads the plot far to thin. Honestly, I feel slightly dumber for having seen this movie. So, in my humble opinion, steer clear of this one and look for another summer blockbuster to fill your quota.