I've Been Credited!

This is waaaay geeky, but so what. Recently, I've been playing around with modifications to Smoothwall, a Linux-based open-source firewall that Bayly and I both use at our homes. I began looking at these custom fixes in an effort to secure my Wifi network away from my LAN due to some flaws in WEP and WPA encryption (and due to the fact that my bridge to the Neoware client in the kitchen won't speak WPA-Radius). Eventually, this led me to the Homebrew forums on the Smoothwall webpage.

While perusing these forums, I noticed someone express an interest for a plan to add the nmap tool (a security scanning tool) to their Smoothwall installation. I played with the RPM package of Nmap 3.50-1 and got it taken apart enough to add to Smoothwall. Another forum member then created an installation package and it was off to the races. This marks my first developer-level contribution to an open-source software project. You can see the final install thread in the forums here (I post under the name BespokeEng).

Yeah, yeah, I know I should get out more.