How To Smoke Stuff

For father's day, I gave my dad a Brinkmann smoker. This past week, I got one too, because, well heck, I live in Arkansas and have access to some of the finest minds in smoke cooking. Here's the results of my first attempt (click images for full size):

  1. First, get a smoker and someone to help you put it together:
  2. Next, get some hardwood chunks to add flavor to the meat. I went with hickory:
  3. Soak the chunks in water for a few hours so they burn slower:
  4. Fire up a few coals-- don't overdo it, slow and low is better:
  5. Apply a meat rub. Since I was using baby-back ribs, I chose a simple rub of 2C brown sugar, 1/4C coarse sea salt, and a good bit of ground black pepper. Apply liberally:
  6. Put it on the smoker! Put larger stuff below and small stuff up top. Leave it alone, and add charcoal and wood as it runs out. It will begin to smell up the neighborhood with smoky goodness:
  7. Get someone to watch it go:
  8. If it rains, don't give up:
  9. It takes awhile, so a nap might be in order:
  10. After 4-6 hours, you will have wonderful smoked meats!   Enjoy!