Remiss In Posting Random Musings

Okay, okay. It's been awhile since I've posted anything up on my blog. Mostly I've been working on my latest project for Textron, and the last week of July, I was out in Providence, RI. Also, I've been busy deleting the ever more-copious amounts of comment spam on this blog. Man, I sure hope Jay Allen finishes his new version of Blacklist that is compatible with my version of MovableType. In the meantime, here are some random stuff I have found perusing around the web:

Utilikilts commercials: The makers of the Utilikilt (I want one, and the security to wear it in public) have asked their customers to come up with fake commercials for their product. The results are hilarious and right here (pops).

Sisters On The Fly: My mother has recently caught the fly fishing bug from my dad, and she wants to join a fishing club called Sisters On The Fly. Check them out here (pops), and be sure to see the Photo Gallery, these women have turned some vintage trailers into works of art!.

Last weekend, we had sort of a party at my house. I smoked up some beef brisket and a few pork tenderloins. This time I also did baked beans on the smoker, and they were awesome. If you want to try it on your smoker (what? you don't have one yet? well, get one!), the recipie I followed is here. In attendance were Clay the roommate, his mother Carolyn in from Mena, AR., my girlfriend Jakki, Bayly and Emily, and Tina (who cuts our hair) and her husband Josh and their 1 year-old, Madeline. The cats also made several appearances.