Today, in an effort to diagnose my recent video problems, I separated the RAID1 pair on my computer in order to install a fresh copy of XP and see if the OS was the problem. This meant I left a copy of my old disk on the spare drive. The fresh install didn't fix my video probs, so I was going to put my old disk back into service. So I rebooted and logged into the HighPoint RAID utility and started re-mirroring the drives. Of course I forgot to switch the master and slave jumpers on the drives so I actually ended up remirroring with the source being my new fresh copy of XP. MAJOR BUMMER!

I lost a lot, fortunately not any source code or business documents, but all my email spanning several years is gone, along with anything I've done on my local machine (like house plans, old taxes, etc.) So for the rest of the week I will be picking up the pieces and trying to move on. I feel like somebody died. It's kind of strange to think that 5+ years of communications with friends and crazy ideas I've had are now just a bunch of irretrevable ones and zeros. I guess I finally understand what the Buddhists say about "impermanance".

Of course, my mother sent me some interesting links that I was going to put up here yesterday-- but those too, alas, are gone.

In other news, Jakki and I are going up to Eureka Springs this weekend. Clyde is busy with his kids, so we are just going to kick around a bit and enjoy a weekend out of town.