Bovine Freedom

Last weekend, Jakki and I had a great trip up to Eureka Springs. We stayed at the New Orleans Hotel, which was very nice except for the large number of stairs and the distinct lack of elevators. Given that the plenitude of stairs and lack of elevators are status quo in Eureka Springs, it was forgivable and mildly aerobic. The Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge was also very cool. Photos will be forthcoming once I get the Canon stuff re-loaded on my poor computer.

In the mean time, enjoy some links:

First off is a link from my mother to a Flash animation entitled Cows With Guns (pops). It's hilarious and it appears to have been created by a deranged Swede (aren't they all?).

Next up is one from my friend Carrie. It's hosted on iFilms, so you have to endure a few ads before you get to the main content, but it's worth it. It's sort of a mix of comic book super heroes and Fast Times At Ridgemont High (pops).

Finally, one of my own, simply called Pie Hole (pops). It's kind of a cross between Rockapella and something Les Claypool would do.