Surgery Update

Hello all, sorry about the late update.  During his last admission, Kelly was able to get on the internet from his laptop and make his own entries, but alas, there are no networks available this time.  Kelly's surgery went well.  It took four hours, and they removed the tail end of his pancreas, his spleen, and repaired 4 hernias from his prior surgery.  He has been up and walking a few times a day, and exercising his lungs; both are very important to stave off pneumonia and get strong enough to go home.  Noone has said when that will happen yet, but today his nasogastric tube came out, which is one of the first steps.  They have also started to ween him off his epidural pain meds, and because the NG is out, his pain can be managed with oral meds.  Tonight he tortured himself by watching Foodtv while drinking juice, the only thing he is allowed so far.  He also keeps himself busy by reading and playing the Sims 2 on his laptop.  Randi attempted to give him a knitting lesson today, but there were too many interruptions.  Well, that's pretty much it.  The cats and I are impatiently waiting for him to get home.  It's been a tough row to hoe, but I think this is the start of better health for Kelly.  This should prevent more pseudocysts and the need for surgical drains.  We thank everyone for their good thoughts and prayers for us!