Reduced To Dial-Up

So it's almost exactly seven days after the OR nurse was wheeling me back to the operating room and having me hop up on the table for my epidural catheter.  Not pleasant at first, but highly recommended later.  Things are kind of on a wait-and-see mode right now.  My white blood cell count had gone down over the weekend, and with them taking out the Foley catheter and the epidural, I was feeling like I could go home soon.  This morning more blood work was ordered and my WBC is back up a little bit, combined with the fevers I've been having all along.  So my surgeon came in this morning and ordered a CT scan just to see if everything is okay.  He's got three big cases today, so I don't know if he will get back with the results today or tomorrow.  Right now I'm just chilling on the oral pain meds (oxycontin and oxycodone) and waiting to take a shower.  The first shower in a week-- it should be nice.

Now that I have net access (albeit Dark Ages style) I'll try to post my ongoing saga to the blog everyday.  So stay tuned!