More Cutting To Do

Well, for those of you who haven't heard-- I get to undergo surgery again to hopefully fix the reoccurring problems I've been having with psuedocysts on the tail end (the rightmost pointy bit in the picture) of what remains of my pancreas.  The scheduled date is 10/24 and will necessitate a week in the hospital.  Dr. Halbrook, of Cancer Care Northwest will be doing the surgery-- he's the local pancreas guru, trained by the guys at Virginia Mason who accord worldwide fame.  So I'm pretty confident in his skills, although he may have to remove my spleen if there isn't enough separation between it and the tip of the tail.  Still, not the best way to spend the holidays, but we're hoping this will keep me out of the hospital for good.

In other news, Jakki has been overcome with Halloween Spirit.  Last night we bought a giant rubber spider, the first such purchase of my life, to place in a web of Jakki's construction on the front of the house.  However, her attitude is contagious, and I find myself anticipating a stream of candy-hyped nose-miners at our new door.  Having never had trick-or-treat'ers before, this season will be one to remember.  I'll try to take lots of photos.

In yet more news, my sister Emelie will be moving to a duplex just two blocks from us.  It will be nice to have her so close, and I'm hoping to rig up a way to share my internet connection with her over WiFi.  I'm thinking an outdoor Yagi directional antenna, but we'll have to do some testing first.

Also from the geek desk, I'm considering scrapping my MythTV installation and changing to  the Windows-based SageTV, which is easier to use, and has better driver support.  If I attempt this paradigm shift this weekend, I will report on the outcome.