Crack The Drain

Today has been pretty good, although the surgeon got to torture me a bit this morning.  He partially pulled out the drain he placed during surgery in order to wring some more drainage from it.  It's called cracking the drain, and it hurts like a hot poker in the side!  I munched a few more pills and awaited Mom's arrival.

Breakfast was an almost-normal eggs, toast, OJ and cream of wheat.  We took a walk around the floor and I'm feeling pretty good.  Pat and Tim from work stopped by to wish me well.  Life's kinda boring on the tenth floor today.

The surgeon wants to do one more CT scan on Friday to make sure there are no new fluid pockets and then I will be going home drain and staple free some time this weekend.   The fluid that came out of the pocket yesterday didn't have a significant amount of amylase which is good news as it means that my digestive juices are staying where they should.  It didn't appear to be full of infectious stuff, but they are going to culture it anyway.  They also found a lot of WBC's which is evidence of a past infection that I've gotten over.  So I'm still on the antibiotics for the time being.  In fact, the nurse just hooked up a fresh bag of imipenem/cilastatin mix.  And some students just came in and gave me a round of immunizations against pneumonia and meningitis since I no longer have a spleen.

Mom's planning to leave in a few and come back this weekend, so I should wrap this entry up.  Things are looking up!