Going Home Tomorrow!

  We've got some exciting news!  Dr. Holbrook just paid a visit and said the CT today showed two small pockets of fluid just under Kelly's incisions, which is not unusual.  The plan is to do an ultrasound guided aspiration, a procedure that requires just some local anestetic.  After that, he will be able to go home!  One drain came out this morning, and the second one was just pulled out.  Now the only thing left is the IV! 

  When Kelly gets home tomorrow, things will look a little different around the house.  In the living room I did some rearranging and took out the coffee table to make more room.  In the hallway I pulled up the carpet due to naughty Alice's accidents.  The hardwood needs to be refinished, but it is still a change for the better. 

  We're just waiting for tomorrow to get here!  The cats will be so glad to see Kelly!