Happy Holidays

Long time, no post, eh? Well, Jakki and I have been pretty busy hosting Christmas and whatnot. Things went swimmingly with a free turkey from Empire Health Services. Good eats and good times. We went to a moving service on Xmas Eve at the St. Mark's Lutheran church over on the South Hill. It's a very nice church and so well attended that people sat on folding chairs in the narthex, even at an 11pm service.

In other news: Emelie got a new puppy!; He's quite well mannered and pretty big at only four months. The vet thinks he is part German Shepard, and part Great Dane. I forecast giant poops in Emelie's future.; He's a good boy, and has a very expressive face. Emelie has named him Cooper, which suits him quite well.

Ed: per instructions of my better halves, here are a few new pics--

The Fambly On Xmas