Blankets and Snow

With six inches of snow on the ground and an increasing chill in the air, we decided to give ourselves an early Christmas present. Last night we bought a dual-zone electric blanket for the bed. I hadn't used one since I was a kid in Maine and Jakki had never used one. We cranked it up, watched Dazed and Confused, and then retired to the sack. Man, was it nice!; Nothing can quite compare to slipping between preheated sheets on a cold winter's night with frost on the window panes.

In other news, I going to try to host my first video segment. It's just a short of Jakki playing with Tigger.  You can view the video here (using Windows Media Player). The video is 1.46 MB. 

Next weekend, we hope to put up our Christmas lights on the house, so this weekend is dedicated to chores and getting ready for Jakki's finals next week. After next week, Jakki will be out of school for nearly a month. I get a free turkey from work for the holidays, so I think Mom & Dad are going to come up and we can do Christmas at our house.

In health news, I had an appointment with my regular internist, and she said things were pretty good although she would like my blood pressure to go down a bit, it's on the high edge of normal. She doesn't want to start me on BP meds right away because they can contain sulfa which is hard on the pancreas. Hopefully when I start exercising next month my BP will go down a bit. She also had labs drawn to check my triglycerides. I haven't heard anything back from her so I'm assuming everything was good-- especially since she called me so quick after my last bout with pancreatitis.