Oil Change

Today I got the first and last oil change I will need in 2005. Since my factory warranty expired in October, I have decided to change to Amsoil synthetic. There is a local shop down the street. One filling of oil is good for one year or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. You must get the filter changed every six months or 12,500 miles. The grade I went with is a Series 2000 0W-30 oil. It has some features I think are important for a turbo car like mine, such as up to one full quart will stay up in the cylinder head after it is shut down, this means that when the oil pressure drops because the car is shut off, the turbo will still have lubrication while it spins down. I'm curious to see how it affects my mileage, I need to take some data out of my log book and put it in Excel so I have a history baseline to compare it with. If anyone knew my grandfather, Don, you would understand my strange compulsion to do this.

In other news, Jakki is registering for classes at Spokane Community College as I type this, but she is bummed out because she has to go down to the registration office and she has a cold. Here's hoping she will be better by tomorrow, because we are traveling to Seattle to visit some of my relatives and some of Jakki's.

The coffee roasting has been going good, and I have only set the smoke detectors off two times this week. They are a tad bit sensitive, but I plan to replace the filter in the range hood, and that will remedy the problem, or I will attack the smoke detector with a bat.