Trip To Seattle

Last weekend, Jakki and I journeyed over Snoqualmie Pass to visit relatives in Seattle. As always, the food and company was great, and the weather was weirdly warm. Here are some pics from that trip and a previous trip to see mom and dad:

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Jakki & I at Shady Pines

The Gang Of Four

Empty Table at Chez Linda

Hungry Diners

Full Diners

Jakki on the Space Needle
Tom & Polly

Uncle Tom

Jakki at Tom & Polly's

Polly & Catalina

Baby Catalina

Jillian & Jamie

Also in recent news:

Last Wednesday afforded me the dubious opportunity of getting yet another CT scan with GI and IV contrast. Joy of joys! I had some pretty serious abdominal pain on Tuesday, and a moderate fever. This prompted a trip to the doctor, and he was pretty certain it was my appendix. As it turns out, it wasn't appendicitis and the pain and fever went away on their own. As of today, I feel much better; and glad I didn't have to have more sugery. I still have an appointment with the surgeon on Monday, just to touch base and see what's what. My surgical drain output has been much lower as a result of this ordeal, so we are hoping that it was just a signal that the cut ends of my pancreas have finally healed up. Hopefully I can get the one remaining surgical drain out!

Also, KelVo has been re-installed with a newer version of KnoppMyth and MythTV. It kicks right along and I think the encoding colors (esp. reds) are better than before. The interface also seems more responsive.

My next trick will be able to get MAME (an emulator for old arcade game setups) running so we can play Space Invaders and the like. For being such a geek, Jakki is happy at how well I've hidden all the wires, dead chickens, bottles with magic smoke in, and pixie dust. Our entertainment center looks almost normal, save for the WiFi bridge and antenna on top of it.