First Roast!

Due to the current state of my pancreas (alcohol of any kind is no longer allowed), I have given up my homebrewing equipment to my father and taken up the roasting of my own coffee. This morning I did my first roast using some green beans called Indonesian Organic Sumatra Gayo Mountain beans. Following the instructions for my roaster (a Fresh Roast Plus 8), I preheated the roasting chamber for about a minute, and then roasted for about 4.5 mins. The instructions said to take a full minute off the roasting time if you are above 5000 feet. Since I'm not quite that high here in Spokane, I took 30 seconds off. With the preheat cycle, I went a little past a Full City roast and into a French or Espresso roast (click here for definitions). Anyway, as I sit here listening to Rush's Hemispheres, and drinking a cuppa, life is good even though I have to go to the doctor later.

Last weekend, when Jakki and I were down in Moscow visiting the pair-of-ants, I managed to pull my one remaining surgical drain completely out of my body with the help of a doorknob. Joy! After a trip to the Gritman ER and some battle field surgery from a Dr. Vanek, I was put mostly back together.

Upon returning to Spokane, I found a new GP close to the house and saw him on Tuesday. He referred me to a surgeon that I'm going to see today. Hopefully he will be able to replace the drain with a more suitable tube complete with a Luer-Lok junction and a stopcock. The Gritman guy just shoved a modified "16F red Robinson" catheter up in the hole until it stopped, taped it to the old bag, and then sutured it through my skin to hold it. I'm sure my insurance company will be even more in love with me!

Anyway, the fresh roasted coffee is awesome, and I have yet another new hobby.