Roll On With Your Blog Self

no traffic signs Introducing a new blog feature: Links Of Questionable Virtue (LOQV). Since I put so many links to neat stuff of the moment in posts, I decided to set up a comprehensive link management system. That's basically CubeMonkey™-speak for: "I found some neato toy on the net, and came up with an excuse to use it." So I've installed a MovableType plugin called MT Blogroll and I am using it to manage my links and store them in categories. The most recent five links will show up in the right sidebar, and you can view the entire database by clicking the LOQV link. Since you won't get an email when these are updated, check back often to find new ones, or get caught up by viewing the archive.

From the Homefront Desk, things at the new house are shaping up just peachy, however we have killed two dangerous hobo spiders. I'm thinking about getting the place spayed. This Sunday we hope to put up our garage door opener and keep up with the Jones'. Also, we have tentatively sold the pool table that came with the house, so we will hopefully be getting gas heat and hot water very soon. The kitties are adapting, pictures will come once we have emptied all the boxes upstairs.

Jakki is back in school this week and she has been riding her bike everyday (we are much closer to SCC now). Hopefully the weather will hold out a bit longer so I can get my surigcal drain out and go on a few bike rides. I have an appointment with a new surgeon next week, so hopefully it will get yanked then. So that's your Friday update!