Open the Pod Bay Doors, Hal

HAL 9000With much help from my father, we now have a working garage door opener for one of our garage doors.  I'm very happy because now I don't have to worry about the cars sitting out all night.  Jakki is pleased because parking her bike is a much easier proposition.  Earlier this week she did the roundtrip to school in eleven minutes; speed demon that she is.

My next tricks on the homefront are:

  • Hooking up the security light in the backyard
  • Fixing a hole in the heating duct
  • Changing out the kitchen faucet
  • Hanging Jakki's light fixture over the dining table
This past weekend we also compared and contrasted Lowe's versus Home Depot.  While Lowe's seems to have more staff and a better selection in some arenas, their main failing is not having a U-scan type checkout system.  I can get out of Home Depot a lot quicker, even with more people in the store.  So to all the loyal Lowe's upper management readers I have: get a stinkin' self checkout system!