Back In The Saddle Again...

Well, this weekend marks the one year anniversary of going to the hospital in Little Rock with acute pancreatitis. And wouldn't you know it, I'm back in the hospital again. Shortly after filling up the last load in the moving truck, a fever hit, and we went to the Deaconess Emergency Room (yep, the place where I work). After a CT and some blood work, they said I should be admitted because I was having a pancreatitis attack, and my white blood cell count was high. So I'm looking at the prospect of having yet another drain put in to empty a pseudocyst. Plus possibly a trip to Virginia Mason in Seattle for some surgery to clear this up once and for all.

Right now, I'm feeling fine-- no pain, no fever and they are letting me eat until midnight, when I have to fast for my drain placement tomorrow. Mom is here and I found a WAP to get internet access. Jakki, my sister and dad are coming up soon. It's kind of interesting being in the hospital again, but feeling pretty good. I'm able to walk around as much as I want (as long as I bring my tree of IV antibiotics with me) and I'm able to notice more of the world around me. Last night was a rough night's sleep, with lots of beeping and a phlebotomist jabbing me in the arm at 4:00am.

Mom also wanted me to mention the music they play here. I can hear it over in my office, so I guess it never struck me as interesting. One of the things this hospital does, and it might be because we have more babies born here than any other facility in Spokane, is play a tinkly little tune on the PA system when a baby is born. Mom just thinks it's so sweet. Maybe we can take a walk down the nursery and check out the buns, fresh from the oven.

So that's all for now-- more tomorrow after the anethesia wears off and I can see the keyboard again. Wish me luck!