Shiny New Stuff

Browsers: dump your caches! My blog has a new look showing off my mad Photoshop skillz. Carbon fibre, shiny red plastic buttons and see-thru lozenges. It's all new from the ground up (I actually started over from the default templates and style sheets in MT). Not much going on this weekend, as you probably could have guessed :) Jakki went to a hockey game last night and I stayed up working the tutorials on Emelie is here now, demo-ing her first attempt at Jakki-mole.

In other, less geeky, news: congrats to the Seahawks for getting into the NFC division championships and winning a playoff game for the first time since 1984.

Update 1/16/06 - I fixed the text color on the textboxes so a normal human can see it. Before only people wearing nightvision goggles or mutants with infravision could read it.