Holiday Update

Okay, okay. I've been extremely remiss in updating my blog in a timely fashion. So I'm just going to lump everything together in one big update. Let's see... what's happened recently...

  • I've got a new job! I now work for Inland Northwest Health Services in the Web Development group. It's great, especially since I now have a group of peers to bounce ideas off of and learn from.

  • I've been in the hospital yet again. I had another flare-up of the MRSA bacteria so I'm doing another course of antibiotic IV infusions. Six weeks this time, but it's almost over. It will feel so good to take a normal shower!

  • Jakki has finished with school for the quarter, with what we expect will be great marks. She also is working a bit as a receptionist in the Emergency Dept. at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

Well, thats the major stuff. I did get a chance to run my new snow blower a few weeks ago, so I will put up some pictures of that. So go check out the pictures.