Spring Break! WOO HOO!

Finals are over, so bring on the body shots! Well, maybe not. This quarter I earned a 3.9 in Philosophy, a 3.9 in Organic Chemistry, and a 4.0 in Microbiology. I'm so happy to get a break from school!

During the break, Kelly and I plan on painting the bathroom. The last owner did a poor job. We've got some paint chips, but we haven't picked a color yet. I'm thinking lime green with mandarin orange trim. Kelly isn't really into citrus colors, but I'll convince him.

Kelly is feeling good, and the home care is proceeding as planned. The IV antibiotics will be done on the 31st, and hopefully the wound vac will come off next Wednesday.

Last weekend, we met Kelly's parents and some friends, Don and Renee, at the Palouse Falls. It was a lovely day, and the falls are very awe-inspiring. Below are some pics.

The group Rainbow The River Bikers