It Lives!

This weekend, Dad and I got the 1983 VW Jetta Turbo diesel running again.  After sitting in my garage for almost a year, and sitting at Emelie's old apartment before that for another year, it runs again.  The main problem was that the prime had bled down in the injector pump (which also draws the fuel from the tank-- it has no fuel pump).  So by re-priming the pump with diesel, we got it started.

We also have replaced the glow plugs, the battery, the injector heat shields, the fuel filter, the thermostat and we did a oil and coolant change.  There are still some issues I will need to address in the near term-- it needs a new driveshaft where a CV boot has failed, and the radiator needs to come out (it leaks a tiny bit).  Plus new shoes are in order with winter coming upon us.

Aside from all that, it will be nice to have a second car so Jakki can work and get to her practical nursing classes.  Tonight I'll try to put up some more pictures and post again.