First Day Of School

Greetings from the cube farm!
Today is Jakki's first day of school in the Spokane Community College nursing program. With the Jetta running, it will be a lot easier for her to go to school and pick up some shifts at her new job at Sacred Heart Medical Center as an Emergency Room Receptionist. She has classes Monday through Wednesday and clinical on Thursday at the St. Joseph Care Center (located at SHMC). We finally got her uniform including new cool nursing shoes, so she looks cute and official :)

In other news, mom is in Norway (Oslo by last accounts) and we are all thoroughly jealous. She's been good about emailing the family, so you are all already probably aware of her trip.

That's pretty much it-- with the weather cooling down it's time to start thinking about winterizing the sprinkler system and putting the storm windows back up. I'm trying to decide whether to fertilize the lawn this fall or wait until spring. Any thoughts?

In other more geeky news, I upgraded the blog to the latest version, but now my blogroll that shows the Links Of Questionable Virtue is now borked. Hopefully I will have it working again soon.