So It's Been Awhile

Okay, I realize it's been a few months since I've posted to the blog.  We've been busy!  Jakki's been picking up more shifts at Sacred Heart Medical Center in addition to her class load and clinical training at the VA Hospital.  I've been feeling pretty good and working full time as well.  I've also been trying to get the Jetta running again after a water pump replacement (which ended up being a hose/timing belt/tensioner/valve cover gasket/special funky harmonic balancer bolts replacement job).  I think I might heave the old pump through the German consulate's window.  What an ordeal!

My health has been pretty good as I finish out this last course of antibiotics, but this week I caught the sinus crud.  It's been decimating the forces at work, and I think I've infected Jakki and the work trainer we had out from Dallas this week.  I must spread my sickness!

Recently, we saw Dad and the Hog Heaven Big Band perform down in Uniontown Idaho, and then we went to the Spokane Blues Festival the following week.  Charlie Butts and the Filter Tips were great, and the Cary Fly Band was surprisingly good as well.  We look forward to going again next year.

So that's your update!