Broken Things, Fixed!

I finally noticed that the photo gallery was down, so I have contacted Logjamming support and they have fixed the issue.  Apparently they underwent a PHP upgrade which made things go screwy.  I also had to do some .htaccess memory twiddling and permissions stuff to get Gallery2 working again.  But it's up!  And there are new photos in the Spring 2007 folder!

In other news, I passed my Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course, so I now have my motorcycle endorsement on my license.  Now all I need is a motorcycle...  I'm starting cheap and old at first, just something to get me to work while the weather is nice, and save a few bucks on gas.  Jakki has been working and going to summer school-- we are trying to save money for a winter vacation in La Paz.  I've smoked a few beef briskets with great results, and tomorrow I'm trying another Boston Butt pork hunk.  It should take 12-14 hours by my reckoning.  That's pretty much it for news that I can think of right now-- check back later, I'm sure Jakki will remind me of something!

Other notice:  Comments have been fixed!  Apparently I was getting a bunch of spam hits, so my host disabled the comments page.  It's back up, and hopefully the CAPTCHA will keep spammers out!