Snow Day

We've had quite the dumping here in the Inland Northwest. 22 inches last time I measured, and it's still coming down. Jakki had a hair-raising commute home this morning, and she got stuck just a few blocks from the house. Emelie and I walked down to dig her out, and got stuck again just two doors down. Finally we got to our cleared driveway and got the car in the garage.

Later on, the news they mentioned that all bus service was suspended because of the storm and the fact that the snow removal teams can't get a handle on it. I posted [some pics]( in our [photo gallery]( Note the abandoned U-Haul in the intersection. That's never a good sign.

Since we are effectively snowed in, I'm working from home, although the internet keeps going up and down. We have plenty of food, and since we had the trees pruned this fall, I'm not worried about the power going out. The new furnace is keeping us nice and warm as well.