Happy Leap Year!

It's been a long time since I've posted to the ol' blog.  Things have been busy!  We had the Arkansas Contingent out for the holidays.  We had tons of snow, and everyone had a good time.

At work, I have been transferred over to the Empath side of the shop, so we'll see what comes of that.  It's a lot more software and a lot less brochure-ware.  Of course, I still have my duties as an application security freak.  My friend Bayly would be proud.

I've recently become a devotee of Ruby On Rails, and I'm working on a project to provide subscription customer management services to independent music teachers.  It's an ambitious project but it keeps me down in the basement :)

Jakki has been super busy with the final two quarters of her school campaign.  We are both looking forward to her graduating in June.  She's finally getting to spend lots of time with patients.  Yesterday she administered three IV's flawlessly.  Including one on a patient who is scared of needles.  I'm very proud of her :P

The weather has been warming up lately, and the huge piles of snow are rapidly turning into dirty puddles of melt water.  We are itching for spring to arrive so we can start motorcycle riding, camping and generally going outdoors without wearing nine pounds of clothing.

In health news, Jakki and I have joined a gym and we are working on establishing a good routine.  She's done some classes; I mostly just stick to the elliptical machine and the weights.  Wish us luck!