A Visit From Lucky the Cat!

Today, my lovely wife Jakki, smuggled my cat onto the hospital campus.  It started with Mom goading me into a walk as soon as she could.  She shepherded me to the elevators and then slapped my knitted hat on my head.  I thought something was up at this point.  Down we went to the lobby, which is where we generally go when I want to get some outside time.  It was sprinkling a bit, so I thought it was odd that mom would want me to be outside-- professional worrier that she is.   As soon as we got outside, she started leading me a different direction than we normally go, and when I lookup up Jakki was standing at the other side of the roundabout, holding Lucky.  We ducked into the empty Drs. Building lobby and had some scratch time.  Lucky was very good and didn't even seem to need his harness.  I could tell he was missing me.  Mom snapped some pictures which I have added to the Photo Album (the link under our pictures on the homepage).

Finally mom and I went back up to the room and Jakki took Lucky home.  Apparently he pooped in the carrier on the way to the parking garage so she had to hurriedly duck into a bathroom and clean that up; hoping not to get caught in the process.  I'm glad my wife is willing to take a few risks for my happiness now and again.  It's one of the (many) reasons I love her.