Nongshim Ansungtangmyum Spicy Miso Flavor

Friday's lunch was another Nonshim product: Ansungtangmyum Spicy Miso Flavor Korean-style noodles. Inspired by the countryside markets of ancient Korea, where each locale had it's own distinct flavor. According to the maker, this flavor harkens back to the streets of Old Anseong (also romanized as "Ansung"). "Tangmyun" means "noodle soup".

Angseong Noodle Soup

This is another ramen (or ramyun, as the Korean's romanize it) with dual flavor packs. One that provides a soup base, and another that provides some veggie bits and garnish. I wonder if the flakes or the soup base is universal to many flavors, and that's why they are packaged separately.

dueling flavor pouches

This ramen reconstituted into a lovely reddish broth with abundant seaweed chunks (kombu?). It was pungent and spicy, but not overly so. Some sliced fresh green onions and perhaps some thinly sliced protein would really take this bowl to the next level. Perhaps some enoki mushrooms would also expand the umami flavors. I would also consider a dab of gochujang chili paste to really set this one off.

springboard for flavor

The noodles themselves retained a certain firmness despite my getting distracted and over-cooking them. They were much more toothsome than your average bargain ramen. Very enjoyable!


With the addition of a tablesppon of Lighthouse dried chives and a drained can of chicken, this bowl is vastly improved. Just the right amount of salt, heat and of-the-sea-ness.