I found myself wide awake after having a disturbing dream this morning. I'm not going to talk about that. But once I was up and puttering around, I thought: "I should do something with the blog." Yeap, it's been awhile.

Lots of change:

  • SadieBelle is finishing up pre-school.
  • Springtime has caused us to reboot the garden.
  • The DSA chapterization is in full-swing.
  • We seem busier than ever.

Although I'm pretty active on social media, I think I'm really going to make an effort to keep posting here. There is something kind of refreshing about a blank page with no constraints, where the compulsion isn't to be "liked" or "retweeted" or "followed". In the meantime, here's some photos of our last trip to Seattle.

Christmas Letter 2010

This year we are going to attempt to start a new Christmas tradition: the Christmas blog post. As I write this, the snow is streaming down outside and the lovely Jakki is busy gluing things to other things for our entries in an Unfortunate Holiday Sweater contest. Without further ado, here's what we did in 2010: After much review of Facebook and Twitter, it appears that 2010 started off with head colds for everyone, and braces for Jakki's teeth. The early part of the year contained much internet browsing and watching of TV. Such is life in the Inland Northwest in the first quarter.
After thawing out, March came along and brought a fabulous gig for the band I'm with: [Fairmount Chase](!/pages/Fairmount-Chase/198724234772). St. Patrick's Day tends to bring out our most loyal and hardcore fans. Fortunately, the more they drink, the better we sound.
As temperatures began to rise, camping became possible and we scooted up to [Farragut State Park]( along Lake Pend Oreille to celebrate Jakki's birthday. In attendance were our friends Chuck and Leann and some of her family. After raining on the way up, the weather cooperated until we left.
In July, Lake Sullivan in the extreme northeast corner of Washington became our camping destination. Bocephus (our Dodge truck) got a new canopy and was able to keep our gear dry despite rainy weather.
To celebrate our anniversary in August, we returned to Packwood, Mt. Rainier and [Mount St. Helens](; the site of our wedding five years prior. We found the tree we were married in front of in the [Ohanapecosh]( camp ground (not surprising, since that tree is probably 700 years old).
The last part of the summer was punctuated with two quick gigs for the band, one outdoors at a neighborhood block party in North Spokane, and one at O'Doherty's; a staple in Fairmount Chase's venue menu.
In early fall, we took a trip over to Seattle to visit Grandma Flo, Bob & Linda, Jim & Phyllis and Kelsey, and take in a Seahawks game at Quest Field with our friends Chuck & Leann. The family visit was wonderful, but the performance of the Seahawks left a lot to be desired (they lost 41-7 to the NY Giants). We also managed to see some old friends: Charlotte, and His Holiness Gary (the padre who presided over our wedding), and Georgie & Roger and their son Brian.
During fall, after much excitement with broken garage door springs, Jakki and I managed to get two new garage doors installed on the house. This was fortunate, as the first snowfall of the season set an all-time record for the area in November. Which, of course, brought out the Snow Robots.
This year has been heavily dosed with visits with family and friends, completely lacking in stays in the hospital, and fueled with music and good cheer-- and we couldn't be happier. May the holiday season bring you and yours peace and happiness in the coming year! -Much Love, Kelly & Jakki (and Tigger & Cleo)
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Sad Birthday for Mom

Yesterday Mom & Dad had to put their kitty Prudie to sleep. She had been sick for awhile and had the vets flummoxed. She was a very loving kitty and I think they had her for almost fourteen years. In Lucky's later years, we used to bring him down to visit Mom & Dad, and he and Prudie got on well, so she'll have a buddy up in Kitty Heaven. Rest in peace Prudie, we'll miss you.
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Turkey Day Is Here!

The annual feasting ritual that is American Thanksgiving is upon us. Cooking schedules have been made, trips and extra trips and extra emergency trips to the store have been executed. This year marks a first-- because Jakki is working, she will have to sleep all day to prepare for her graveyard shift tonight. The downside of that is no magical Sweet Potato Corn Bread Stuffing with Greens. Emelie is on point for most of fixings this year, so we are looking forward to sampling her wares. Another first is Mom blogging the whole procedure on their [new blog]( It's been over five years since this blog began, and it's finally starting to rub off on the late-adopters. This year, I'm thankful that everyone [EDIT: everyone _in our time zone_] can be together so easily, and that everyone is healthy. How about you?
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Online Christmas Lists

This year we are going to try to use online Christmas lists using Amazon's Wish List functionality. Feel free to browse: - Kelly's list is [here]( - Jakki's list is [here]( Let us know if there aren't enough choices or price ranges. This sure beats circling items in the Sears catalog (like we used to do years ago)!
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Today we are mourning the loss of Lucky the Cat. He had gotten progressively more sick, and after a rough night, we decided to send him home this morning. He was a good boy and nothing will ever completely fill the hole in my heart he has left. I have put together a special album of all the pictures we've taken of him over the years. [Please visit]( and hold his memory in your heart. Lucky, I will miss you and love you always... > "No heaven will not ever Heaven be, unless my cats are there to welcome me." > --Author Unknown
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Happy Birthday Jakki!

Yesterday was the lovely Jakki's birthday. Today we are having a party with a bunch of friends. I am smoking some chicken wings (it's really hard to get them lit, har har), and we are having home made baked beans, corn on the cob, cajun style polish sausages, potato salad, and a cheeseburger shaped cake for desert. I'll try to post some pics after the event. Speaking of pics, I also uploaded a few shots from Jakki's trip to Arkansas over Spring Break. Happy Birthday wishes also to my uncle Tom. He is now officially "as old as the hills".
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Trip To Seattle

Jakki and I are in Seattle this rainy weekend staying with Grandma Flo.  We are being fed well and are enjoying trips around town to old haunts.  We've bought a new tent from REI, and some much needed clothes.

Today we went to Northlake Pizza (after Jakki bought some clothes at Torrid)-- and who did I run into?  An old friend from back in my Nordstrom days: Nico!  She's doing well, and her sister Bree is as well.  It sure was a blast from the past, as we haven't seen each other for more than ten years.

Now, Flo, Jakki and I are leaving for a dinner with Bob & Linda and possibly Jim & Phyllis.  More later about my awesome new machine at work. 

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First Day Of School

Greetings from the cube farm! Today is Jakki's first day of school in the Spokane Community College nursing program. With the Jetta running, it will be a lot easier for her to go to school and pick up some shifts at her new job at Sacred Heart Medical Center as an Emergency Room Receptionist. She has classes Monday through Wednesday and clinical on Thursday at the St. Joseph Care Center (located at SHMC). We finally got her uniform including new cool nursing shoes, so she looks cute and official :)

In other news, mom is in Norway (Oslo by last accounts) and we are all thoroughly jealous. She's been good about emailing the family, so you are all already probably aware of her trip.

That's pretty much it-- with the weather cooling down it's time to start thinking about winterizing the sprinkler system and putting the storm windows back up. I'm trying to decide whether to fertilize the lawn this fall or wait until spring. Any thoughts?

In other more geeky news, I upgraded the blog to the latest version, but now my blogroll that shows the Links Of Questionable Virtue is now borked. Hopefully I will have it working again soon.

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