Heartbleed, Parenting, Teeth.

Read on as I sleeplessly rant about SSL bugs, parenting, teeth and kitties.

Riding the Tour De Cure

With just two weeks left to start getting serious about the Tour de Cure, I thought I'd post a little about how diabetes has effected my life in the past few years.

New digs!

I've changed web hosts!  I got tired of maintaining MovableType, so I've moved to a fully managed solution at Squarespace.

Yeah, it's been awhile. I'm sure everyone is tired of my apologizing for how infrequently I post to the blog; so I won't. Instead I'll just get to the point.

Over the weekend I went to log into this blog to check some historical dates and was greeted with a big red scary Google "This Website Is Evil!" message.

Here's a slideshow of our pics from our trip: We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!Many thanks to Leah, Matt and Bernie for their hospitality, and to Leann, Keilani and Kalona for being wonderful travel guides!