Nongshim Ansungtangmyum Spicy Miso Flavor

Friday's lunch was another Nonshim product: Ansungtangmyum Spicy Miso Flavor Korean-style noodles. Inspired by the countryside markets of ancient Korea, where each locale had it's own distinct flavor. According to the maker, this flavor harkens back to the streets of Old Anseong (also romanized as "Ansung"). "Tangmyun" means "noodle soup".

Angseong Noodle Soup

This is another ramen (or ramyun, as the Korean's romanize it) with dual flavor packs. One that provides a soup base, and another that provides some veggie bits and garnish. I wonder if the flakes or the soup base is universal to many flavors, and that's why they are packaged separately.

dueling flavor pouches

This ramen reconstituted into a lovely reddish broth with abundant seaweed chunks (kombu?). It was pungent and spicy, but not overly so. Some sliced fresh green onions and perhaps some thinly sliced protein would really take this bowl to the next level. Perhaps some enoki mushrooms would also expand the umami flavors. I would also consider a dab of gochujang chili paste to really set this one off.

springboard for flavor

The noodles themselves retained a certain firmness despite my getting distracted and over-cooking them. They were much more toothsome than your average bargain ramen. Very enjoyable!


With the addition of a tablesppon of Lighthouse dried chives and a drained can of chicken, this bowl is vastly improved. Just the right amount of salt, heat and of-the-sea-ness.

SamYang HOT Chicken Flavor Ramen

Today's lunch was provided by SamYang "2x Spicy" HOT Chicken Flavor Ramen:

SamYang HOT Chicken Flavor

Preparation was a little confusing. The directions could have been more explicit, and I didn't have the requisite equipment in the office to do the stir-fry step. Basically I did what everyone does with a brick of noodles and some flavor packets: I dumped boiling water from the electric kettle on it and stirred it up with the contents of the packets. This was my first mistake.

Cooking Direction

I'm still unclear what the "sachet powder" is because the contents of the larger packet was an oily sauce that was excitingly flavorful and possibly a by-product of etching titanium reactor fittings. Here it is in the early stages of the thermobaric reaction:

Angry sauce on a noodle brick

Next, I dutifully dumped the packet labeled "flakes" into the bowl and let them marinate. They consisted of innocuous-looking sesame seeds and tiny, grass-like, strips of a shiny black material. The water began to take on a deep reddish quality and the tiny pepper slices in the flakes began to reconstitute. Oily bubbles began to aggregate along the interface of the bowl and the liquid within. I grabbed a fork and a spoon and returned to my desk for lunch.

Close up of noodles

It was POWERFULLY spicy. From the moment it hits one's lips, it's hard to get a sense of the flavor besides pure, soul-burning, angry hotness. Fortunately, the high temperature of the water tends to dull the nerve endings a bit, so the effect has a delayed ramp-up. I realized that my initial logic was flawed. I thought that "2x spicy" wouldn't be a big deal for someone who frequently eats 4-5 star Thai food. The problem with that calculus is that it fails to take into a significantly large value of "x". I'm sure that the original intent of the "2x" was referring to both the sauce and the flakes having a spicy component. SWEET ODIN'S BEARD, they sure do.

From the far side of it, this wasn't a bad lunch --just not terribly filling-- as I physically couldn't command my hands to lift the bowl in order to the drink down the broth. I have several of these packages of condensed-hatred-of-a-thousand-suns, so I'm definitely going to try it again; paying special attention to the modulation of the sauce/flake ratio and the TLV (Total Limit Value in MSDS data-sheet parlance).

Be bold, comrades-- and pay special attention to black lightning coming out of a red-faced chicken's forehead.

NongShim Bowl Noodle Soup - Hot & Spicy Flavor

Yesterday's lunch was privded by Jakki's latest trip to the Asian market. The package was convenient and mostly recyclable, except the metalized paper "lid". Preparation was as easy as expected, and as an added bonus, you can do them in the microwave without boiling water. This makes them a good choice for trailer camping.

NongShim Noodle Bowl

The flavor was a little "meh" but it was plenty spicy, inducing the requisite pepper-sprayed protester coughing fit. The veggie content was expectedly light; there seemed to be more carrot pieces than anything else.

The "shrimp" was an interesting addition: It appeared to be a large, thick sheet of surimi with a top-coat of a pinkish-orange dye, rolled up jellyroll-style and then sliced thinly across. This produced smallish rubbery spirals with a colored "vein" that added a note of the sea.

The noodles themselves had a good flavor and an excellent consistency. Overall, I would rate 3.5/5 - something to stick in the trailer as a foodstuff of indecision.

P.S. - I would like to meet these "Professional Chefs" that endorsed this product.

How To Smoke Stuff

For father's day, I gave my dad a Brinkmann smoker. This past week, I got one too, because, well heck, I live in Arkansas and have access to some of the finest minds in smoke cooking. Here's the results of my first attempt (click images for full size):
  1. First, get a smoker and someone to help you put it together:
  2. Next, get some hardwood chunks to add flavor to the meat. I went with hickory:
  3. Soak the chunks in water for a few hours so they burn slower:
  4. Fire up a few coals-- don't overdo it, slow and low is better:
  5. Apply a meat rub. Since I was using baby-back ribs, I chose a simple rub of 2C brown sugar, 1/4C coarse sea salt, and a good bit of ground black pepper. Apply liberally:
  6. Put it on the smoker! Put larger stuff below and small stuff up top. Leave it alone, and add charcoal and wood as it runs out. It will begin to smell up the neighborhood with smoky goodness:
  7. Get someone to watch it go:
  8. If it rains, don't give up:
  9. It takes awhile, so a nap might be in order:
  10. After 4-6 hours, you will have wonderful smoked meats!   Enjoy!
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So here I sit in front of the computer eating some pistachios. My eye glances down to the can. I see the ingredients list: Pistachios, Salt. Then, right below it, I see the strangest thing ever. Three little words: "MAY CONTAIN PEANUTS". What? How does THAT happen? I'm fairly certain that peanuts and pistachios are pretty different. One comes from trees, the other from bushes. Don't believe me? Grab a can of shelled pistachios from Inter-American Products, Inc. of Cincinnati Ohio. Very strange, but that's pretty much par for my life.
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Utter Failure

So tonight I tried to make the Atkins Crab Cakes. No lump crab meat to be found, so I thought I'd use crawfish tails instead. Bad idea. After dirtying almost every pan in the house and having to clean the floor twice and change shirts once, I have a collection of what could only be called Crawfish Gravel. No amount of Keto Crumbs made them hold together, nor a surgeon-like gentleness, or much threatening with spatulae. Argh! Oh well, I guess failure is the mother of invention. Tomorrow night I'll try the feta burgers my friend Emily (Bayly's wife) recommended. In other news, my sister has moved to Spokane, so if you are close, stop off and see her cats: Jasper and Onyx. Also give her a job. Preferrably one that pays very well-- she deserves it. Also-- I've been discovered by another Kelly Adams! Read the comments on this post here (opens in a new window) from a few weeks ago. I think we should form a credit union or something. Or maybe a secret society a la H.P. Lovecraft.
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10 lbs. Lost

Woohoo! I'm 10 pounds lighter this morning. So far, it's been pretty easy, and I haven't been tempted too badly. However, I am looking forward to blowing ketosis with great gusto on Thanksgiving. In other news, it seems my host has finally gotten their server upgrade done and my site is up for good. Also, they installed the Perl module Image::Magick so when I upload photos I'll be able to re-size them on the fly for thumbnails. Think of all the bandwidth you will save, my loyal readers with slow modem connections!
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Diet Update

I've been doing pretty good, so far. I'm deep into ketosis and I haven't really had any terrible cravings. 2.5 pounds have disappeared since Sunday and I'm feeling pretty good. Tonight, me and some work guys are going to play music, and I'm sure to be tempted with beer and pizza. I think I can resist. I had dinner (brats and kraut) with Bayly and Emily last night and it's good to have a buddy to commiserate with. I really need to cook more-- but this week has been rather hectic and I haven't had time. I'm hoping to make carb-free fried chicken this weekend. Also, I might start another batch of beer (to be ready in 6 weeks)-- cream stout this time.
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Day One

Day One of the diet is going ok. Got up this morning at had a Keto shake. So far, I've had only one cup of coffee. Tonight is Baked Meatballs from a recipe off the Atkins website. I couldn't find veal, so I switched it for ground turkey. I feel a bit bad about eating around my office-mate, Shariq, who is muslim; so he's in the throes of Ramadan and fasting. Oh well, he can't eat pork rinds anyway. Thanks for the comments posted to yesterday's posts! Currently listening to: ZZ Top - Mescalero ("Punkass Boyfriend"), and the new Joe Bonamassa CD.
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