Finally Home

Wow, I must have stayed at the crappiest EconoLodge in the world last night near the Cincinnati airport. Rain caused me to miss my trip home after sitting on the ground in Boston for 2.5 hours. This hotel was run by a bunch of well-meaning Indians, but it was in a very shady part of town, and shared a parking lot with a strip club called Peecox. One can't imagine. At several points during the night women would drive up in their minivans and proceed to yell obscenities at their husbands who they didn't feel should be out drinking. In addition, the chain lock on my door was broken, probably because someone kicked it in. You can imagine how well I slept. Better fortunes awaited me today, and I made it home without too much trouble; although I'm sick to death of airports and airport food. Mucho sleepo awaits me tonight. Still, it was a good trip and I'm glad I took it.