A new era of spam-free blog comments is upon us! Using the cool Movable Type plugin SCode from James Seng, I was able to implement a CAPTCHA style Turing Test of my blog commenters. This is a randomly generated security image that a potential poster must read and then enter into a text box. This works because computers running automated scripts cannot process the intrinsic content  of a picture and determine what numbers are rendered, and thus they cannot post vast amounts of spam in the comments on this blog. For more info, read about CAPTCHAs at Wikipedia.

It took some doing, but with the wonderfull support of my host, I was able to get the plugin running. Stay tuned as I will write a more detailed entry on how exactly to install SCode on a Logjamming hosted MT installation. I've been told that several other customers have been interested in getting SCode running for their blogs, and that the main problems centered around the GD Perl image library installed.